Thursday, January 25, 2007

Would You Like Some Fries With Your Mini?

When we first walked by, I did a double take. "Was that a Mini parked inside that restaurant?" I asked. We backed up a few steps and looked again. Yes, in fact, there was a shiny Mini Cooper hanging out right inside a restaurant on upscale Avenida Libertador, just inches away from nice, civilized people who appeared to be having a nice, civilized lunch. There were two Minis in fact!

As we peered through the floor-to-ceiling windows and took in the scene, it became clear that we had assumed wrong. There wasn't a Mini in the restaurant, you see, but the other way around. There was a restaurant in a Mini dealership! What's even more surprising is that this is actually not a novel concept in Buenos Aires. A few days later, we passed another hip cafe located inside a Renault dealership.

As for why and how this eat-with-your-new-car trend has flourished, we don't know. Certainly a car dealership is the last place we ever thought to look for an espresso and a croissant. But we'll be getting to the bottom of the mystery soon. My first question is: do you have to pretend to be interested in buying a car to eat at the restaurant? Or, if not, do they simply hope you will become enamored with the car by spending quality time in its presence?


At January 26, 2007 at 3:04 PM , Anonymous tigerspider said...

Ok you knew I would have to ask this. What does a Mini cost there?


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